body building,fitness equipment,home gym,Vertical Press & Row,HC-508

body building,fitness equipment,home gym,Vertical Press & Row,HC-508

Model No.︰HC-508

Brand Name︰Hankang Fitness

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Key Features:
Circuits have livened up and popularised strength training. They are an excellent solution to improve flexibility, strength and stamina. The Hankang Fitness HC Series collection is aimed at ease of use and natural movement.
1) The most usual way of doing circuit training is to do a sequence of various power exercises (around eight) where each exercise normally consists of a number of reps or a time limit and where the change-over/recovery period between anaerobic exercises user.
2) Hankang Fitness HC has designed its circuit equipment to allow the user to adapt to it quickly without too many adjustments that will slow down the changeovers during training
3) It makes it possible to do two different exercises by offering resistance to both traction and compression movements of the hydraulic cylinder
4) It has six user-adjustable power levels (each level representing a 20% increase)
5) The design of the seat, backrest and grips, as well as the use of anatomical padding, makes it comfortable for all type of user, regardless of their body shape or training level
6) Helpful wheels for transportation easy and simple.
-Length : 110cm / 43”
-Width: 102cm / 40”
-Height : 133 cm / 52”
-Weight : 88Kg / 194 lbs

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